No. 540
Crime, Eccentricity, and the Sporting Life in 19th Century America.
October 24, 2021

Woman Kicks Second Husband Out.

A North Carolina Woman Kicks her Second Husband Out of the House when her First Comes Home Rich
April 6, 2021

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Despite the judge’s admonitions, Henrietta Robinson covered her face with a black veil as she stood trial for murder. Everything about the defendant was a mystery—her motive for murder, her behavior before and after the crime, and even her true identity. It was well known that “Henrietta Robinson” was an assumed name, but who she really was has never been determined.Read the full story here: The
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Youth With Executioner by Nuremberg native Albrecht Dürer … although it’s dated to 1493, which was during a period of several years when Dürer worked abroad. November 13 [1617]. Burnt alive here a miller of Manberna, who however was lately engaged as a carrier of wine, because he and his brother, with the help of […]
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Giving the New Room a Lively Opening. | Beauty as a Shield.

Woman Kicks Second Husband Out.


A North Carolina Woman Kicks her Second Husband Out of the House when her First Comes Home Rich.

A chap went off from Brunswick, North Carolina, a few days ago, and his wife, after becoming disgusted with his protracted absence, got a divorce and married again. Things went along smooth and quiet enough until about a week ago, when the first husband came back, as suddenly as he had departed, bringing with him $75,000, which he had made during his absence. When hem Gold hips once wife what a big stake be had, she promptly kicked her second husband down the back stairs into the pig-pen. His tears might have failed, but his money brought a flood of love into that woman's heart that she could not resist, and with a howl like a Comanche, she exclaimed, "Take me, John Henry, I am yours forever."

Reprinted from Illustrated Police News, April 3, 1873.